Sackett and Brake Survey, Inc. Sackett and Brake Survey, Inc.

Sackett & Brake Survey, Inc.


Jack graduated from Paul Smith College in 1966 receiving an A.A.S. Degree in Forestry, 1966, Paul Smith's College. He has experience timber cruising and mapping, Forest Survey Department, with International Paper Company. He also worked with S.L.F, Inc., Skowhegan, Maine--Drafting, land surveying, aerial photography and forestry work. He was also part owner of Sackett & Brake Survey, Inc. with Michael Sackett. While at Sackett and Brake he completed land surveying, forestry work which included timber cruising, Continuance Forestry Inventory plots, management plans, over seeing logging jobs and timber typing. Jack is a member of Maine Society of Land Surveyors.